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Psych – Let’s Doo Wop it Again

Ahh, finally an episode that I completely loved! I’ve had some issues with the newest episodes (namely with Gus’ attitude about the ring, Shawn’s weird jokes that aren’t really funny, and the fact that Henry hasn’t been in it enough) but last week’s episode gave me some hope and this weeks didn’t fail to raise the bar for these episodes (so now I have much higher hopes for the rest of the season, hopefully it continues to improve!) The reappearance of Jaleel White as Gus’ old friend Tony was fun to watch, he’s incredibly funny and plays off of Gus almost as well as Shawn. The other guest stars were just as good but I did get a little annoyed with Lassie’s girlfriend Marlowe (she was just a little too syrupy sweet this time)
But the best part of this episode had to be Gus, for a change he got to run the investigation a little bit (and annoy Lassie) and it was his thinking that saved the day (or anyway, allowed Lassie and Juliet to burst into the room at the right time to arrest the bad guy after Shawn had already taken him down)
I just have to say something about the singing in this episode, I love how good these guys sound together! Shawn tends to overdo it a little but if you close your eyes and don’t actually watch him then it sounds really good and Gus is just terrific!
I do wonder how many times they plan on incorporating (sometimes badly) the prison where Marlowe is, they could just release her on early parole if they really want her to be in it so much, although I’m not sure if I would like that or not, Lassie is a little goofy around her but on the other hand it’s really nice to see him happy (because he seriously doesn’t smile enough)
There’s a lot more I could say about this episode but I think I would rather go watch the rerun 😉

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White collar – season 3 finale

Oh…. I wish I could say the end of this episode was unexpected, but between knowing how White collar loves to build a ton of tension in the season (or even mid-season) finales (and knowing Kramer wasn’t backing down) it wasn’t very hard to guess, of course I kept hoping I was wrong but by the end of the episode I was pretty satisfied with the whole thing (still want to know waaaayyy more about Neal’s past and his family but it looks as though that is going to happen in the coming season) The episode started off with the beginning of Neal’s commutation hearing and for longer than I wanted too I really wondered exactly why Neal would suddenly be jumping from tram to tram as is seen in the preview, when very little action (or clear plot direction) was happening. They were definitely working more on the characters and their relationships for the first 20 or so minutes, which does make sense, and it’s good to know where the characters stand with each other but I would have been happier with just a tad more action.
Best part of the episode had to be when Peter gave Neal the signal to run but I can’t help but worry about how that might affect Peter’s career (along with the cover-ups, although I really wonder if they could actually prove anything on those)
Speaking of Peter… I really wasn’t sure what he was going to say at the commutation but he ended up saying exactly what I wanted him too and I love him even more now (like most of the characters he’s continued to improve through this half of the season)
For anyone wondering more about the 4th season (and who isn’t after that!) you might want to check out this interview with Jeff Eastin
:Sigh: And now to wait for summer 😦

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Leverage – season 4, episode 18

Ahhhhhh, what’s to be said about this one?
Well, to start, here are my first thoughts (in order) that I had (and/or remember) while watching the episode:

1. Parker should never dye her hair brown!!! (but she could cut it short, that was a cute look for her)

2. Hmm, this is a little intense (note: by the end I was thinking this was waaay intense)

3. I want a taser cane 😉

4. Nate is SCARY!!!!!!!

I enjoyed the hodgepodge of familiar characters (with the possible exception of Maggie) but I almost wish Sterling had been in it! He and “Artie” could have had a reunion 🙂 Speaking of which, wasn’t the subtle reference to WH13 cute? The Leverage writer’s have certainly enjoyed throwing in a ton of references in the past two episodes (but you don’t really need that many)
As usual, the best part was Eliot and Hardison, I love those two!!! Especially Hardison’s line about finally knowing how Eliot must feel, I would have enjoyed it too much if he had actually punched that guy though, so I’m glad he didn’t (save that for next time)
And for a bit of good news? After two great episodes, I’m hooked again! Which is nice since there will be a new season in the summer 🙂

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Leverage – Season 4, Episode 17

So I didn’t go into the first half of the 2 part season finale with much hope, however I was pleasantly surprised when I started looking forward to seeing what was going to happen next and Parker may have redeemed herself slightly with her antics when Hardison was trying to work (and her obsession with the time “portal” was pretty funny too) but the best part (for me anyway) was when Hardison quoted Dr. Who!!!! “Bow ties are cool” ha, that always makes me laugh and it was perfect right after Parker “said” her theory about where Nate’s dad was 🙂
But the show did have its problems…. too much Nate and at least one flashback that wasn’t really necessary, plus some of it seemed like filler (pretty good filler in most cases, but still)
For this episode I would have to say Hardison had the funniest parts (Parker and Eliot really enjoy pushing him off high places way too much) but it did have more of the humor from the other characters that I enjoyed from earlier seasons.
The preview for the season finale made me squeal because Artie’s back!!! Okay…. I know it’s not really “Artie” but it is the guy that plays him and he was a great villain way back in the very first episode of Leverage, so my hopes are a bit higher for this upcoming episode.


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Favorite Christmas movies and specials

My favorite Christmas movie has to be White Christmas but Miracle on 34th street or Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, both run a close second, I like a lot of the older movies (not just the Christmas ones, I love some of the mystery series from the 40s and 50s) I haven’t really watched much this year yet, but hopefully I at least get in the three I mentioned (I can watch them while I work on Todd’s socks, I still don’t make any promises about finishing movies or socks though) I also have a dragon to crochet for my friend Dale for his B-day, but that won’t have to be finished for a while yet.
I found a lamp for my crocheted lampshade project (I can’t wait to get started but I HAVE to wait until January ;))


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Introducing Marnie

I got a new Boyds bear and named her Marnie, I was lucky she was 30% off because normally the little bear is over $30 but she’s so pretty she would have been worth it 🙂

I’m sitting here watching the new episode of NCIS: LA and wondering seriously how you can be ordered to be merry? 🙂 I love Hetty!!! But I haven’t been keeping up with the new season because I still can’t decide if I like the actual show…. After all this time you would think I could figure it out but I guess since I don’t care if I watch it, I probably don’t. (on the other hand, I like the characters enough to watch it occasionally)



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