The Storm – 1

I feel a storm coming, I’m not ready for the bad weather; there is still a half-dozen things I should do but that isn’t the storm I’m talking about since I’m used to preparing for the wailing winds and hard-striking rains that plague this island, no I’m sure I hear the lone sound of a motorboat off the coast and who would come here? There is an excitement running through my veins that I don’t understand, it’s like something important is going to happen and I stop fastening the purple shutters to turn to the rocky beach and look out over the dark churning waters that are backed by bruised-looking heavy clouds, sure enough, there is a small dark green boat heading towards the only dock on the island, I was to far away to even be able to tell how many people were in it but my curiosity was piqued and I hastily finished closing up the house and flipped my long bright pink highlighted black hair over my shoulder as I walked down to the dock with my hand in my pocket discreetly grasping the long stick of cherry wood that served as my magic wand until I turned 21, gained my full powers and no longer needed anything to focus my magic. The grey-green rocky cliff had natural flat shelves that made excellent steps and I moved down them quickly, stopping warily when I saw the young man climbing out of the boat, he had shiny red hair pulled into a ponytail and was nearly as pale skinned as me but his gray eyes reflected the stormy sea as he turned to me and waved a friendly greeting “Hi, my boat is about out of gas and I was hoping someone here might have some I could buy” he said sticking his hands in the pockets of his black jeans.
I nodded “Yeah, I have some up at my house but you’ll have trouble getting back to the mainland in this weather” I said as rain began to sprinkle down.
He nodded and grimaced at the sky “I don’t know what I was thinking, coming so far out, I guess the sirens were calling to me to much for me to turn around” he said grinning as we walked up the steps.
I smiled back calmly but I wondered if he was serious, the sirens did occasionally come out to tempt lone sailors but I thought after the last time they would have realized I wasn’t going to let them get away with such nonsense.
We reached the house and I walked into the little stone shed behind the house finding a can of gas and handing it out to him.
“Thanks” he smiled and said “I guess I ought to introduce myself, I’m Brian” he held out a hand and I shook it as I came out of the shed “I’m Adelecia, Della to most people”
Before we could say much else the wind gusted furiously and I yelled “we should get inside”
We pushed the door to, then shed our jackets as we walked into the livingroom while the wind howled loudly outside.

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