Sandy Hook – chapter 1

The Milton Home in Sandy Hook, KY – August 15th, 1869

My name is Cateline Milton, Cady, as my friends call me. I just turned 16 this past May and I wish to have a record of certain events, hence this diary. I intend to record the events in an effort to make sure that I do not forget what has already transpired and what is still come, as they are things that are not of this world and many would no doubt think me insane for my belief that we live with the supernatural everyday. My Grandmother would not scoff at such things, I have often wondered if she was perhaps a witch but I may never know as she died when I was twelve and that is where I will start this unnatural tale.

I remember the night my Grandmother died, it was like a nightmare when the carriage overturned in the woods near the cliffs. We were going home from a party at my friend Violet’s house when we heard a ghastly shriek and our coachman Norman, fell from his seat, then we saw through the glass at the front, that there was a horned animal sitting where Norman had been. Grandmother’s long purple skirts rather got in the way as she attempted to stand up in the still-moving brougham but she managed to kick open the door, I was startled as she pushed me from it but I know now that I would have died as well if I had remained in the carriage. I saw the carriage turn over on the road and the ghastly shriek sounded again as Grandmother climbed shakily from the wreckage, grabbed the horned animal and started saying something in an odd language, before she could finish, the animal stretched out impossibly long claws and raked her face with them, causing her to cry out and suddenly the whole carriage as well as Grandmother and the animal were washed in a blaze of scarlet light and flames began to leap up in a circle around them. I knew no more until the next morning when I woke in my room and was told Grandmother and Norman had died in the “crash”, no one believed me when I told them about the horned animal or the fire and I quickly learned not to talk about it for fear of being sent to an asylum.
Two days after the funeral I saw her ghost for the first time…..

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