Leverage – season 4, episode 18

Ahhhhhh, what’s to be said about this one?
Well, to start, here are my first thoughts (in order) that I had (and/or remember) while watching the episode:

1. Parker should never dye her hair brown!!! (but she could cut it short, that was a cute look for her)

2. Hmm, this is a little intense (note: by the end I was thinking this was waaay intense)

3. I want a taser cane 😉

4. Nate is SCARY!!!!!!!

I enjoyed the hodgepodge of familiar characters (with the possible exception of Maggie) but I almost wish Sterling had been in it! He and “Artie” could have had a reunion 🙂 Speaking of which, wasn’t the subtle reference to WH13 cute? The Leverage writer’s have certainly enjoyed throwing in a ton of references in the past two episodes (but you don’t really need that many)
As usual, the best part was Eliot and Hardison, I love those two!!! Especially Hardison’s line about finally knowing how Eliot must feel, I would have enjoyed it too much if he had actually punched that guy though, so I’m glad he didn’t (save that for next time)
And for a bit of good news? After two great episodes, I’m hooked again! Which is nice since there will be a new season in the summer 🙂

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One response to “Leverage – season 4, episode 18

  1. One of these days I might start watching Leverage again – if Parker goes back to being Parker-ish and if it is just mainly Eliot and Hardison.

    Love the new look.

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