New Strings – 1

This is something I wrote a while ago and had several comments on it when I posted it to a thread on Ravelry, I have wrote 3 chapters so far and thought if I posted it here I might actually sit down and write more (we’ll see how that goes! 🙂 )
I want thank Neal for doing such a great job editing this! (you made my writing in this story far better than it was originally!)

Shannon blinked at the ball of yarn she cradled in her lap as she listened to “New strings” by Miranda Lambert. She knew the song was one that always made her smile but for some reason tonight was different. Tears were starting to form at the corners of her eyes as she put the yarn to the side and stepped out onto her front porch.

The night held a soft coolness and the Texas sky was full of stars with a waxing gibbous moon hanging above her, it would have been beautiful except….. Steven hadn’t come home the night before. Steven was normally the perfect fiancé (well, as perfect as anyone could be, Shannon still couldn’t get him to agree to paint the master bedroom a light blue and trim it with greens) but lately he had been pulling away. Shannon wondered if that was normal in the months before a wedding, perhaps cold feet were to be expected? But that didn’t seem to be the case with her friend Hilary’s fiancé, if anything Rob was even more attentive than before he had proposed. Shannon sat down on the porch swing and slowly rocked back and forth whilst the stars gently strolled through the sky. Sleep came unbidden when the sun’s golden pink rays began peeping through the tree tops.
Shannon woke around noon and began to stretch slowly, stopping when she realized there was a strange black car with tinted windows in the driveway. Two men in grey suits emerged from the quietly opening doors and walked towards her. From the porch Shannon could see both men were armed, she stood up swiftly and moved in the direction of the front door. The reaction out on the driveway was that the men immediately speeded up and Shannon ran into the house, quickly locking the door and grabbing the handgun that resided in her desk drawer.

She heard a click as one of the men cocked his gun and suddenly the other rushed the door and bowled it open. Shannon retreated into the kitchen wondering what the heck was going on as the men followed her, shots rang out and she ducked behind the counter. Quickly rising up she fired without hesitation, she had always been an excellent shot, and the shorter of the two men slumped as the bullet hit his thigh. The taller of the two interlopers ignored his partner and aimed for Shannon’s head but she had already rolled to one side and jumped through into the living room. Then springing to her feet she rapidly exited out of the patio door.
The investment in pilates’ classes was now being repaid.

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