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Psych – Let’s Doo Wop it Again

Ahh, finally an episode that I completely loved! I’ve had some issues with the newest episodes (namely with Gus’ attitude about the ring, Shawn’s weird jokes that aren’t really funny, and the fact that Henry hasn’t been in it enough) but last week’s episode gave me some hope and this weeks didn’t fail to raise the bar for these episodes (so now I have much higher hopes for the rest of the season, hopefully it continues to improve!) The reappearance of Jaleel White as Gus’ old friend Tony was fun to watch, he’s incredibly funny and plays off of Gus almost as well as Shawn. The other guest stars were just as good but I did get a little annoyed with Lassie’s girlfriend Marlowe (she was just a little too syrupy sweet this time)
But the best part of this episode had to be Gus, for a change he got to run the investigation a little bit (and annoy Lassie) and it was his thinking that saved the day (or anyway, allowed Lassie and Juliet to burst into the room at the right time to arrest the bad guy after Shawn had already taken him down)
I just have to say something about the singing in this episode, I love how good these guys sound together! Shawn tends to overdo it a little but if you close your eyes and don’t actually watch him then it sounds really good and Gus is just terrific!
I do wonder how many times they plan on incorporating (sometimes badly) the prison where Marlowe is, they could just release her on early parole if they really want her to be in it so much, although I’m not sure if I would like that or not, Lassie is a little goofy around her but on the other hand it’s really nice to see him happy (because he seriously doesn’t smile enough)
There’s a lot more I could say about this episode but I think I would rather go watch the rerun 😉

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