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Leverage – season 4, episode 18

Ahhhhhh, what’s to be said about this one?
Well, to start, here are my first thoughts (in order) that I had (and/or remember) while watching the episode:

1. Parker should never dye her hair brown!!! (but she could cut it short, that was a cute look for her)

2. Hmm, this is a little intense (note: by the end I was thinking this was waaay intense)

3. I want a taser cane 😉

4. Nate is SCARY!!!!!!!

I enjoyed the hodgepodge of familiar characters (with the possible exception of Maggie) but I almost wish Sterling had been in it! He and “Artie” could have had a reunion 🙂 Speaking of which, wasn’t the subtle reference to WH13 cute? The Leverage writer’s have certainly enjoyed throwing in a ton of references in the past two episodes (but you don’t really need that many)
As usual, the best part was Eliot and Hardison, I love those two!!! Especially Hardison’s line about finally knowing how Eliot must feel, I would have enjoyed it too much if he had actually punched that guy though, so I’m glad he didn’t (save that for next time)
And for a bit of good news? After two great episodes, I’m hooked again! Which is nice since there will be a new season in the summer 🙂

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Leverage – Season 4, Episode 17

So I didn’t go into the first half of the 2 part season finale with much hope, however I was pleasantly surprised when I started looking forward to seeing what was going to happen next and Parker may have redeemed herself slightly with her antics when Hardison was trying to work (and her obsession with the time “portal” was pretty funny too) but the best part (for me anyway) was when Hardison quoted Dr. Who!!!! “Bow ties are cool” ha, that always makes me laugh and it was perfect right after Parker “said” her theory about where Nate’s dad was 🙂
But the show did have its problems…. too much Nate and at least one flashback that wasn’t really necessary, plus some of it seemed like filler (pretty good filler in most cases, but still)
For this episode I would have to say Hardison had the funniest parts (Parker and Eliot really enjoy pushing him off high places way too much) but it did have more of the humor from the other characters that I enjoyed from earlier seasons.
The preview for the season finale made me squeal because Artie’s back!!! Okay…. I know it’s not really “Artie” but it is the guy that plays him and he was a great villain way back in the very first episode of Leverage, so my hopes are a bit higher for this upcoming episode.


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Christmas trees! (and gifts and disappointing shows)

The tree is up and decorated!! And better yet, I have been clipping along at a good pace on my christmas shopping and crafting (I might get actually get more done then I thought!) for instance the above pic is a present for my very favorite aunt that I finished last night.

On to some less Christmas-y stuff:

Has anyone been watching the new episodes of Leverage? I’m extremely disappointed in them to be honest (and it wasn’t fair of Eliot to describe that sandwich and make me hungry) maybe next weeks will be better?


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