The Play (part 1)

The summer wind was blowing softly through the long brown grass as Timmy ran along the path to the school, he was always late but at least this time Ms. Pickler couldn’t say too much since she was only just arriving and had barely handed the reins of her wagon to the handyman when Timmy rushed up the steps and into the little one-room building, “I have the script all finished!” he announced proudly to the five other children in the room.
“Yay!! So we can put on the play for our parents” said a tiny girl with brown pigtails and a bright pink dress as she clapped her hands excitedly.
“Do we have to?” groaned the tallest kid, Fergus was the oldest and solidly built, and would have prefered to be working with his brothers on their farm but he softened when the girl turned her big brown eyes in his direction, “We have to do something for the Harvest festival” she said solemnly, “We won’t have any entertainment otherwise”
Timmy nodded, “Gemma’s right, the food is great but it’s not a festival without a show or music”
The blond boy standing by Fergus spoke up then, “I want to help paint the scenery, you said I could next time” he said to Fergus who was the resident set builder.
Fergus nodded in defeat, “Alright, and I guess since we only have a few short weeks of summer left, we had better get started tonight” he said to the boy who was looking delighted but his twin sister Mary shook her head, “Oliver, don’t forget Mama and Papa are taking us on a picnic tonight” she reminded him.
“Oh, yeah…” he trailed off in a disappointed mutter.
“Tomorrow will be soon enough” Fergus told him as Ms. Pickler came in and hung up her hat.
“Ms. Pickler! Timmy finished the play” said Gemma happily.
“Oh? That’s wonderful Timmy, may I read the script later today?” asked the blue-eyed woman, patting her pretty golden curls back into their usual bun.
“Of course ma’am!” answered Timmy as he and the other kids sat down at their desks.
Even Ms. Pickler’s interesting way of teaching couldn’t keep the kids attention as they wiggled and giggled through the first lessons.
Finally she wiped off the board and dismissed the class for lunch, “Here it is” said Timmy, coming up and offering his much cherished script.
“Thank you Timmy, I’ll read it during lunch and give it right back then” she smiled as he nodded and ran outside into the sunshine.

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