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Witches of East end

There is nothing like sitting around on a cool Saturday afternoon, sipping limeade and reading a new book. It especially helps when the book is the first in a new series by an author that I really like, Melissa de la Cruz is best known for her young adult vampire series Blue Bloods (which is the only young adult vampire series out there right now that I consider worth reading) but she also has a series out for adults now called The Beauchamp Family and the first book, Witches of East end is (so far) a fun and mysterious read with a plethora of interesting (if not entirely likeable) characters, I think there might be a couple of which are a little bit cliched but I’ll wait to pass judgement until I’ve finished the book, after all, I’m only 71 pages into a 272 page book! 🙂
I’m also really looking forward to the first book in The wolf pact series which is due out this fall and it stars one of my favorite Blue Bloods characters; Bliss Llewellyn.

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