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Trick or treat!!!

Hope everyone has a spooky night!!

And to make sure you do… Here is the start to a little story to get everyone in the right mood 😉

Knitmares by Linda Cee

Mary was knitting on the train when it happened. A light rain was falling outside and she was hoping to finish the pretty wool sweater she was making but a loud crack of thunder caused her to jump and drop her ball of yarn on the dark red carpet, it rolled away from her towards the front of the nearly empty train and stopped near the first row of seats.
“Oh, great” sighed Mary it had been a pretty bad week for her, what with losing her job and her Mother being in the hospital, she had looked forward to the train ride home from Denver for some quiet crafting.
Colorado springs was still another hour away she noted as she strolled down the aisle and picked up the yarn. A man sat in the seat next to the yarn, he was asleep and she carefully turned and began to walk away stopping suddenly as she noticed the brown yarn was wet on the bottom, she turned it over and her eyes widened as she saw the blood dripping between her fingers, Mary gasped turning and running back towards the man, his eyes were closed but now that she looked closely Mary saw the gaping hole in his chest and the bloodstains on his shirt.


Fifteen minutes later Mary was still having trouble breathing. Seeing a body was nothing new for the daughter of a mortician but she had never seen one who had so obviously died a violent death.
“Are you alright now, miss?” asked the car attendant who had come when Mary screamed, he and two passengers were the only ones on the train besides the conductor and his crew, the other two passengers stood close together behind the attendant, one of them stepped forward, he was tall and muscular with shaggy brown hair and had a definite air of intelligence and authority for which Mary was immediately thankful for, as the attendant was close to panicking.
“My name is Chris” he said taking the attendant’s arm and pulling him away from Mary “why don’t you wait here and this gentleman and I will be right back”
Mary watched as the two men walked away whispering to each other.
The remaining passenger, an older lady carrying a small grocery bag sat down on the seat next to Mary.
“Water?” she asked pulling a bottle from her bag.
“Thank you” answered Mary still keeping an eye on the men.
“I hope they cover the body with something” said the old lady introducing herself as Edith Speer.
“I’m Mary Clarkson, and I’m sure they will but we can always mention it if they don’t” replied Mary as the attendant and Chris came walking back towards them.
“The police will be waiting at the station” said Chris his hazel eyes dark as he turned to look at the body again “are you all sure you heard or saw nothing?”
Edith shrugged her shoulders and replied “I didn’t”
Mary concurred and Chris sighed “well, we’ll just have to wait until we get to the station to find out anything.”
“But it’s still 40 minutes until then!” said the attendant whose name tag said Nevel “and this man was alive when we left Denver, so whoever killed him is still on board”
“Nevel, we don’t know that and there isn’t anything we can do anyway” sighed Chris again.
His words did nothing to comfort the others and there was an air of suspicion after that, although no one said anything further.

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