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I may be obessessed with expensive Lego sets

Lego’s are something I only got interested in relatively recently, when I was a little girl I preferred blocks but I did occasionally like to play with my brother’s Lego’s. He has tons of Harry Potter sets as well as Lego city and some off-brand ships and planes, and when he gave me an old plane that he didn’t like because it kept falling apart, I just had to see if I could put it together on my own. Totally ignoring the directions I finally came up with something that, other than having shorter wings, did look a lot like the plane was supposed to. I love that plane and I love taking him apart (yes, it’s a him and his name is Charlie) and putting him back together but I still wasn’t interested in buying my own sets until my brother received a Lego police station as a gift.

The tiny details were simply amazing, everything from a water cooler to a post box and it even has skylights! So…. I declared right then and there that I hoped they came out with a Lego bookstore because if they did I would have to have it! While I’ve yet to see a bookstore, I did find a pet shop that is sooo cute!!! (Of course, at $149.99 it had better be cute)

So here is my list of “Oooh, I want!!” Lego’s starting with my top pick:
(From here on out if you click on the picture it will take you to the official Lego store)

1. is the Grand Emporium, a three story department store complete with clothes, perfume, housewares, toys, and an escalator. $149.99

2. Is from some of my favorite movies, the original three Star wars!! My favorite character (besides the adorable Ewoks and R2-D2!) is Han Solo so I really love this Millennium Falcon set. $139.99

3. Is the aforementioned pet shop that also has an townhouse attached to it. $149.99

4. Is the Space needle which is fun to look at though obviously not really meant for play. It’s also the cheapest on this list at only $19.99

5. Is the last set that I’m going to add and is also the most expensive at $239.99 It is the Tower Bridge set and is just amazing!! I’d love to try building this 🙂

So there you have it! All the Lego sets that I wouldn’t mind having. If I bought all of these it would add up to $699.95 so I think I’ll restrain myself! (All I have to do is think of all the books or yarn I could buy with that!) 🙂

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