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Polymer clay is way to much fun!

A couple of weeks ago I got a craft oven on sale at Jo-Ann’s, so far it’s been a great purchase. I’ve been having tons of fun playing around with the clay and I thought I would share some pics of my first projects:

I had a lot of fun with these, the witch’s hat still doesn’t quite look like I wanted it too but she’s still cute.

Ooooh, beads in crazy colors!!
First polymer beads

I love this little turtle! He was kinda difficult to make but he’s my favorite so far.
Delby and "sea rocks"

I’ve been looking at different sites for inspiration and found Fimo it’s a great site for finding project ideas (and for looking at all those tools and such that I don’t think I need quite yet :))

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Interview with Melmaria

Recently I had an idea to do a series of interviews with various people in the crochet world. Luckily, the people I’ve talked to so far think it’s a good
idea too 🙂 so here is the first of (hopefully) several (totally randomly spaced) interviews!

I was lucky enough last year to come across several patterns by Melmaria, a designer with great taste in jewelry (and her Versailles gloves are exquisite!) You can find her at www.Melodiadesignercrochet.blogspot.com or at her Ravelry designer page So here it is:

You recently had 2 patterns (Zinc and Creausa) published in an e-magazine (Clotheshorse), what was the process like for that? Did you learn anything from it that you’ll take into the next time you publish a pattern?
The process was exciting! I learned so much about submitting designs and working with editors – there’s a lot involved, but it built up my confidence for the next time I publish.

What are your plans in the near future?
For now, I’m going to keep designing and self-publishing my own stuff, and keep submitting to publications. I really enjoy what I do, and I enjoy the outlet for my creativity.

What is your very favorite crochet technique?
Lace crochet! I love using teeny tiny hooks and fine thread to make doilies, jewelry, and accessories. I foresee many new designs including this technique.

You have a page on Pinterest, do you ever see something on there and think “hmm, I should really make that”?
Oh, yes. I recently found a gigantic doily rug that I want to make, and a curtain made of paper flowers I want to re-create.

Where is your most favorite place to crochet?
In the corner of my squashy leather couch!

If you could make sure people know one thing about crochet, what would it be?
It’s fresh! A lot of people think of crochet and immediately assume that it’s a hobby for old people, but crochet has fast become a popular craft. More and more innovative designs are making their way to the crafting world, and I want people to know that crochet is fresh and new and full of possibility.

Do you belong to a crochet and/or knitting group?
Not at the moment. I’d like to start one soon in my area!

You design some really beautiful jewelry, where do you get your inspiration for such unique pieces?
Antique lace, old patterns from the 1800’s, flowers, etc.

Is there anything I haven’t asked you about that you would want to add?
No, this is quite satisfactory! Thanks so much for interviewing me!

Thank you for letting me! 🙂

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Christmas trees! (and gifts and disappointing shows)

The tree is up and decorated!! And better yet, I have been clipping along at a good pace on my christmas shopping and crafting (I might get actually get more done then I thought!) for instance the above pic is a present for my very favorite aunt that I finished last night.

On to some less Christmas-y stuff:

Has anyone been watching the new episodes of Leverage? I’m extremely disappointed in them to be honest (and it wasn’t fair of Eliot to describe that sandwich and make me hungry) maybe next weeks will be better?


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