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I’d rather be knitting!!

I had every intention of writing a nice long (maybe?) post on the herbs I finally got put in their pots….

(I have photographic proof! See!!)

But I guess I’ll leave that for later! I’m in the mood to get to knitting some hats, I finally found a really nice hat pattern that is knitted flat and than sewn togther (actually, there are two versions of the hat, it can be knitted in the round as well) Shilling is calling to me!! 😉
Speaking of hats, I found the perfect pattern for a batty person I know, Bathat is so cute! I might print out the charts and start it soon too.

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Shopping for summer

I was looking for some new tops today for summer (or now if the weather stays as warm!) but I didn’t really find much, on the other hand I found a gorgeous skirt on clearance at Target and I got a new pair of sandals too 🙂

I’m also going to try to grow herbs indoors, I’ve got Oregano, Basil, Chives and Thyme and some pots (still have to get some potting soil) but I’m looking forward to trying this. I wanted some Sage too but couldn’t find any, guess I’ll start with what I have and maybe later I’ll add more if I want to (and if I don’t kill the ones I have!)
I’ve seen a lot of different things about herb gardening so it’s kind of hard to know where to start.

I was in Lowes the other day and saw the cutest windchimes (they make me laugh every time I see them) the crazy looking Dodo bird is super cute and the chimes have a nice sound to them too.

I love visiting Lowes in the Spring! They always have the loveliest patio furniture and flowers, but then, I love visiting about any time of year, I could spend all day looking at the kitchens alone!
(but then I have to look at the lighting fixtures, paint colors, front doors
and bamboo blinds 🙂 )

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