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Holiday traditions (and frustrations)

A great-aunt of mine made a huge ruffled doily in red, green, and sparkly white and for some reason when I think of Christmas crafts that is the first thing that pops in my head even though I have never made one of my own, but I can go into any store around the holidays and find machine-crocheted (and knitted) ornaments, doilies, and Christmas goodies that look so tempting I always want to buy a cart full of yarn and get to work! The problem with that is that December is a busy month and even with extreme planning and starting in July I never finish everything (I hope someone can relate here otherwise I’m going to feel rather lonely since most of my crochet buddies only make things for one or two people and they’re always done on time while I, on the other hand, plan to “surprise” as much of my family and friends as possible and if I’m lucky manage about half of what I planned)

Candy-making is a must for Christmas, this year I and my friends are making:
Vanilla fudge
Chocolate fudge
Chow mein noodle candy
Divinity and
Chocolate-covered cherries
(we’ll be lucky if we can walk after eating all that but at least we are planning on sharing some)

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