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New Strings – chapter 3

Shannon blinked blearily, “Ugh” she groaned, sitting up and looking at the worried faces of Don and Hilary.
“What happened to you?” asked Hilary, eyeing Shannon critically before handing her a glass of water.
“I…” Shannon was interrupted by Don’s wife who came in the front door, pulling Deputy Royce Linden with her “I found him” she announced, turning abruptly she pushed through the swinging doors that led back to the kitchen and came back with a plain bagel for Shannon and three cups of coffee, then she grabbed her husband by the arm and lead him into the kitchen.
“So what’s going on” asked Royce, taking off his hat and sitting down.
The coffee was forgotten as Shannon told what little she knew and Hilary’s eyes had grown as large as saucers in the quick time that Shannon took to finish.
“Huh” grunted Royce, he leaned back in his seat and thought for a few minutes before saying, “I’m going to get to the station and get some guys, then we’ll go to your house and take a look around, in the meantime you should stay around town” He stood and left quickly, leaving Shannon and Hilary to start sipping their coffee and stare at each other, Shannon caved first and said in exasperation, “What?”
“You were out of it for nearly 5 minutes, you were shot at in your own home and your fiancé has disappeared” said Hilary rapidly, “I’m not going to ask if you are okay, ’cause I’m sure you’re not but… I am going to ask what you plan to do now, because we both know Royce won’t find those men anytime soon and a search would take more men than the Sheriff’s department has”
“Well what can I do?” asked Shannon, beginning to feel rather hopeless.
Hilary shrugged helplessly but before she could say anything Shannon sprang from her seat, “It’s them” she whispered, pointing out the window at two men, one who was limping badly.
“Move!” Hilary said, pushing Shannon into the kitchen, “Don, Shannon and I need to borrow your car”
Don just nodded and threw her the keys, “Good luck” he said.

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Sunshine blog award!!

I was nominated for the Sunshine Blog Award!!!!
Thank you Marianerika!!!!!

Here are the rules:

1. Include the award logo in your post or on your blog

2. Answer 10 questions about yourself – You can make up your own or you can use mine

3. Nominate 5 – 10 other wonderful bloggers

4. Let the other nominees know they are nominated and include links to their blog

5. Link the person who nominated you

Let the fun begin:

1. Hardcover or paperback, and why?

Depends on how much I think I’ll read it, if it’s something I know I love than definitely hardcover so it will last longer but I’m not opposed to paperback either and since paperback is normally cheaper that’s what I usually get.

2. What food would you never say no to?

Chocolate or lasagna or bulgogi, or fresh-baked breads or jaeger schnitzel or pringles (perhaps the question should have been “what food would you never say yes to?” :))

3. What book are you currently reading?

I’ve got four started right now: The Winking Ruby Mystery (The Dana Girls Mystery Stories, #19) by Carolyn Keene, A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire #2) by George R.R. Martin, Emily’s Quest (Emily of New Moon #3) by L.M. Montgomery, and A Hat Full of Sky by Terry Pratchett.

4. The author (alive or dead) I would love to have lunch with would be:

Alison Croggon!!! I love the Pellinor quartet and I think she’d be really interesting to talk to.

5. If I was going to a deserted island and could only bring one book, except for the SAS survival guide, it would be:

One book??!! How is that possible?????!!!! Hmm, well my favorite book of all time is The will of the Empress by Tamora Pierce so I guess I could manage to survive with just it.

6. What’s your dream vacation?

A trip to Europe that includes England, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, and Germany or a trip to Salem MA (they have both a witch museum and a pirate museum and a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream shop!!!) or a trip to Australia (which would work great with my plans of lunch with Alison Croggon ;))

7. What are your favorite TV shows?

Psych (how could they end the season like that??!!!)
White Collar
Warehouse 13
Doctor Who
Covert affairs

8. If I could be the lead character in a book (mention the title), it would be:

I’ve actually never thought about this, I always figured if I was going to jump into one of my favorite books it would be as myself but India in The Winter rose by Jennifer Donnelly is probably the most like me so I wouldn’t to unhappy with her.

9. The most overestimated book of all times is:

Twilight or The Hunger games

10. I hate it when a book:

Puts in a totally unnecessary epilogue or when my favorite character dies.

Here are my nominees (in no particular order):

1. Lou from louslabors

2. Renate Kirkpatrick from rensfibreart

3. The gang over at puretextuality

4. Sally from sallysbakingaddiction

5. Morgan sin from pinsandpatience


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