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Book no. 1

I’ve finished my first book of the year and here is my review for Mary Modern by Camille DeAngelis:

Truthfully I don’t know which of my shelves to put this on, it has elements of science fiction, historical fiction, romance and fantasy. But I think I’ll stick with sci-fi since it is mostly about a clone of a long dead woman. It started out interesting with odd characters and a new romance but quickly changed lanes for a while with a science experiment and some tech-y stuff that made it a bit slow, the action picked up again fairly quickly though and I couldn’t put it down right through until I found out what was going to happen to Mary (who was about the only likeable character and even she had her moments) The end trailed a bit but it was fairly satisfying and I like that Camille DeAngelis left it very (very, very, very) open for a sequel and still managed to close it up enough that if there isn’t one, the reader won’t be left hanging.
I’m not sure yet whether I will reread this one or not, but I think I probably will (and I certainly will if there ever is a sequel) but I know I will look forward to reading this author’s other book.

For my 2nd book I am rereading The widow by Carla Neggers, it’s nice to reread since I already know I like it and I know what happens in the next two books in the series so I don’t have to wonder if my favorite character is going to get killed anytime soon (a very real possibility in these books)

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Book goal for 2012

So each year I set a goal for how many books I want to read and then I up the next year’s goal by 5, well in 2011 I met my goal of 195!!!!
But I haven’t ever managed 200 which has always been my “secret” goal so this year I’m going to do it (I have to, it’s 5 up from my last goal :)) I have a strategy all planned out and the first books of the year are sitting on my shelf ready to read. I’m starting with Mary Modern by Camille DeAngelis, the first 5 or so chapters are great but I got a little bored for a while, it’s picked up the pace considerably though and I’m really enjoying it now, the mix of science, history and everyday life is as fascinating as the characters, who just keep getting better and better (with the exception of Lucy, who grates on my nerves a bit as the book progresses) I love that so many lives and times are all bound together in the present, and the gothic feel of the chapter where they are digging up an old grave is reminiscent of my favorite Jane Austin book: Northanger Abbey. If you want to read a description of the book then click on the picture above and it will take you to a page on the author’s website. Happy reading! 🙂


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