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Kina Grannis and Boyce Avenue (and Liz Gillies)

So this post is all about music! First off, if you who loved Kina Grannis’ video In your arms and you want to check out one of her cds then take a look at this page. And I thought I would post another of her videos:

And thanks to checking out Kina Grannis’ youtube channel, I found Boyce Avenue and just had to share this song! It’s the kind of song that is best listened to (for the first time anyway) leaning back with your eyes closed and just paying attention to the lyrics and piano, so here it is:

And for the last video…. Here is a great acoustic cover of Tracy Chapman’s Fast car by Boyce Avenue and Kina Grannis:

So there it is! My current playlist on Youtube, I tend to listen to the same things over and over but I’m also really enjoying Liz Gillies’ cover of Adele’s One and only and I highly recommend it as well so if you want to take a listen…… (I know, I said Fast car was the last one, oh well! 😉 )

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