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New Strings – chapter 2

Shannon’s blue Impala sped out of her drive and down the gravel road leading to the nearest highway, she didn’t look back but she knew they were following “how can I lose them?” she thought to herself desperately as she neared the paved road, the gravel flew as she turned away from the town of Floydada and looked in her rearview mirror to see them turn the same way, she smiled, rolling down her window and doing a quick u-turn, she passed them going in the opposite direction, her gun came up and shot out their right side tires causing them to roll into the ditch. Shannon didn’t pause to enjoy the victory but raced towards the town stopping only when she reached the local Mexican café.
A bell above the door of Don’s tinkled when Shannon walked in, Don himself looked up and grinned a toothless smile, he wasn’t actually Mexican but his wife was and she made the best tortilla soup in Texas “little early for soup, isn’t it?” he asked.
“I was hoping Royce would be here” Shannon replied.
“Nope, that new girlfriend of our deputy’s has taken to fixing him breakfast at home” Don said shaking his head at such folly.
Shannon sighed, the events of the morning were catching up to her and she suddenly felt light-headed, Don noticed her swaying and quickly pushed her into a chair “Mama” he shouted “call Hilary! Shannon’s taken ill”
A small woman hurried from the kitchen “Papa, what is it?” she asked dialing her little portable phone as Shannon blacked out.

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