Chances – chapter 3

Jenny finally stopped looking so scared when the man who wasn’t Angry/Charles brought us our coffee and Naomi introduced him as Jerry, or as she said “That’s Jerry the tech guy, but don’t ask him about computers or anything else involving science because he won’t stop talking” then she pointed at the other woman and said “that’s Faith, and you already met Charles”
I nodded to each of them even Charles but I turned back to Naomi quickly and asked “what’s going on here? And what ring are you talking about?” Okay, so I’m feigning the confusion on the last question but they don’t need to know that, just because I’ve decided they don’t intend to kill us doesn’t mean I trust them (and I’m curious!)
Naomi pursed her lips “yes, I realize you must have a lot of questions but we really do need the ring now”
“I don’t have any ring” I lied with surprising ease and waited to see if they believed me.
Charles shook his head “you have to! It wasn’t at the studio, I don’t have it and neither did Lindsay”
“Speaking of Ms. Lindsay, where is she?” I added to my list of questions. That one seemed to disconcert Charles who looked towards Naomi as though he was unsure whether to answer the question or not.
“We don’t have time for this” declared Faith impatiently “if she doesn’t have it then we’ll have to change our plans”
“Our contact won’t know us without the ring” Jerry pointed out quietly.
I almost felt guilty but since I still didn’t know who they were or what they were doing, it was hard to feel very bad.
Faith pursed her lips as though thinking “we could do the job without the ring….”
“Yeah, and get killed in the process” snapped Charles.
“We may not have any choice” said Naomi softly “we all know how important this is”
“Actually, no we don’t” Jenny suddenly piped up “and I want to know why you kidnapped us?” she said still sounding close to tears but she was glaring defiantly at Naomi.
Jerry checked his watch “we still have an hour before we have to be there and it’s only a ten minute drive” he looked at Naomi as though asking permission.
Naomi nodded and Jerry came and sat down by Jenny “we really can’t tell you who we are but suffice to say that we’re currently working with your government to assess and neutralize possible threats to international security”
“And the ring is important because?” Jenny asked.
“As I said earlier, it’s to identify Faith to our contact” Jerry sighed “without our contact we’re going to have a much harder time getting into the room where the data we need is, Charles and Naomi will have to cause some sort of distraction which could put them in danger but if we have no choice…” he trailed off.
I was officially feeling guilty now and trust them or not, I knew I had to give them the ring but before I could reach for my bag I heard an odd whine and for the second time that day a flash of blue light and an evil-smelling smoke clogged my senses and I slumped to the ground as darkness claimed me yet again.

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  1. Anonymous

    There is a related theme going through most of these stories. Originally its not what you appear to be reading. I like the way each chapter ends with an unexplained event.


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