Is it or isn’t it? That’s a pretty good question but since I love Spring so much I decided to celebrate it anyway!


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2 responses to “Spring?

  1. Let me join you in the celebration, Looking at the tree, flowers and the in the image, I’m tempted to post my small poem “an ode to spring”

    At dawn when I open my doors, windows
    I am greeted by my regular companions
    Flocks of tiny, playful and lively sparrows
    with spirited mynas, bulbuls, and pigeons,

    Who come gliding from their night shelters
    in the Kachnar, Champa, Harsingar, Neem
    And Gulmohar trees, shrubs and creepers
    adjoining and touching balcony of my room

    They come looking for their daily feeds
    with friendly tapping on my window sills
    For jowar, bajra, corn and other seeds
    even rice, wheat puffs, nuts and biscuits

    Squirrels watchfully spy the bird rations
    and it is a sight to see how they pick the nut
    Clasp and gnaw on it with swift actions
    hiding in the small openings in the parapet

    Bird experts say sparrows are getting extinct
    and no longer dwell in concrete jungles
    But I am blessed with the idyllic mornings
    with my little friends providing jingles

    The sweet sound of sparrows chirping
    their calls of mobbing, duets and mating
    Make my idyllic and cheerful morning
    as my mind is engrossed in their playing

    But it is now time to bid adieu to my lovable pals
    for getting prepared for my share of earthly tasks
    And face the day’s targets, meetings and mobile calls
    with the polluted air, din of horns and traffic jams


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