Chances – chapter 2

A wisp of my brown hair floated in my eyes as I waited at the front of Joey’s for my Dad to come out, I had decided a breath of fresh air might make me think more clearly but I hadn’t counted on Dad chatting with Liz for what seemed like forever, I was beginning to get cold with only my Mom’s old highschool jacket and a pair of shorts on over my black leotard and pink dance tights. I fumbled in my bag for the spare keys to my Dad’s silver Camry and grimaced when I saw the tap shoe that I had slipped the ring into the toe of before leaving the restroom. The horn beeped as I accidentally hit the “lock” button on the key fob but at least I’d found it and I climbed into the driver’s seat, sighing with relief as the heater came on. I jumped when someone knocked on the window but it was only Jenny, our usual waitress at Joey’s and I rolled the window down thinking that I must have left something at the table, of course if I’d been really thinking I’d have realized that if we’d left something behind it would make more sense for Jenny to give it to my Dad who was still leaning over the bar and talking with Liz then for her to come outside when a cool breeze was beginning to blow in a sprinkle of rain from the north, but it was too late when I realized that and the man who I’d thought was just leaning against the ornamental tree behind her suddenly turned and I saw it was the angry man from the studio but despite the small pistol he held pressed to Jenny’s side he really didn’t seem angry anymore, in fact he seemed more amused than anything and he almost chortled as waved the pistol in my face and said, “scoot over, Jenny’s going to drive us to an appointment” he forced her into the car then climbed in behind us, now I’m sure if we hadn’t been scared out of our minds we might have been able to think of the right thing to do in this situation to get some help, but I’m not going to pretend that we were any braver than we really were because to be honest I thought we held up pretty well even if we did do exactly what the creep told us (and maybe that was the safest thing to do anyway) He directed Jenny to drive out of the heart of town and towards a smallish construction site where pretty townhouses were slowly being built around what was supposed to resemble a town square (although at the moment it only looked like a deserted movie set that hadn’t ever been finished) we pulled up in front of what was eventually (according to the sign) going to be a coffee shop, there wasn’t any construction noise and my heart sank as I remembered all the detective and cop shows I’d watched where the bodies were found by construction workers coming in to work some nice morning. We were met inside the coffee shop by another man and two women all of whom looked like they’d dressed for something more formal than murder (which might have helped calm me down if I hadn’t seen one to many spy movies, man! I really have to stop watching tv!) The woman in the middle stepped forward and something in the way she walked and then how she looked at Angry, told me she was in charge, she jerked her head to the right and Angry walked over to stand with the others then she smiled graciously at Jenny and me and said in a musical voice, “I think my companions and I have some explaining to do, won’t you sit down and have some coffee?” she asked gesturing toward the only table in the place. Jenny looked as though she wanted to faint so I nodded and guided her over to a seat.
The lady in charge nodded to the man beside Angry and he went behind the long counter and began preparing the coffee, “I should introduce myself” said the lady coming to sit with us, she was a small asian-looking woman with graceful features and muscles that made her look like a dancer (or stunt woman) and she was wearing a long formal black gown with white flowers embroidered along the top left of the bodice all the way down to the bottom right of the skirt and she even had white flowers weaved into the coils of hair that were heaped on her head, “I’m Naomi Carter and my companions and I are involved in a delicate operation that really does need the ring that Charles over there was careless enough to lose” she said, giving Angry (Charles) a stern look.
He shrugged and grinned rather insolently at her, and I think that if Jenny and I hadn’t been there Naomi would have stuck her tongue out at him, it was that moment that I really decided that Jenny and I weren’t in any true danger (at least not from them, which may have been a hasty decision but…. it was a good one)

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    Full Stops anyone …. breathless ??
    šŸ™‚ Neil

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