Florist shop cake

I realize this really needs a sign so people will know what it is but I was perfectly happy with the final look without one.
Anyway, I made this cake today and barely finished it in time to eat it but……. at least I got pictures!
(and had a lot of fun! 😉 )


Filed under Cooking/Baking

9 responses to “Florist shop cake

  1. very cute 😀
    andman does it look yummy
    i love and miss greatly that kind of icing !!!

  2. i can never get a cake to look like anything other than cake! good job!

  3. Anonymous

    I hope its not made of Gingerbread ….

    Neil, or perhaps I should sign as Hansel

  4. Very pretty. Love the purple. Now I want cake.


  5. Anonymous

    Currently travelling with a supply of Chocolate Cake with Cherry filling …

    This is my post match reward after a Dentist’s appointment

    Any excuse will do


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