Christmas trees! (and gifts and disappointing shows)

The tree is up and decorated!! And better yet, I have been clipping along at a good pace on my christmas shopping and crafting (I might get actually get more done then I thought!) for instance the above pic is a present for my very favorite aunt that I finished last night.

On to some less Christmas-y stuff:

Has anyone been watching the new episodes of Leverage? I’m extremely disappointed in them to be honest (and it wasn’t fair of Eliot to describe that sandwich and make me hungry) maybe next weeks will be better?


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2 responses to “Christmas trees! (and gifts and disappointing shows)

  1. Anonymous

    Pretty bracelet. I haven’t even watched Leverage this year – not after the first episode anyway. Parker is too different this year and not even my buddy Eliot can make up for that.

  2. Yeah, but I’m persistent! I keep hoping Parker will get back to “normal” 😉

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